The textbook definition of a gala is a festive celebration especially one marking a special occasion. We think every occasion should be a gala at its core and we aim to do that through taking care of every detail down to the last delicious bite. Our specialty is taking your desires and through our special approach to catering, event production, and venue selection, turning it into the sparkling and elegant celebration you have in mind.

Life is full of special occasions and events that need to be marked with no less than a gathering worthy of tribute.

Planning, while important for most types of get-togethers takes on an importance of another level when creating events appealing to guests who are used to "the best of the best" and press who will be invited for the sole purpose of critiquing the event. We handle every detail, including invitation design and printing, menu creation, set and lighting design, audio and visual elements, and providing inspired entertainment.

If planning makes everything happen at the right time with the right people, catering is the piece of the puzzle smoothing out the edges and allowing transitions to flow effortlessly. Our culinary staff is of the highest quality. Having great food and drink available to your guests can take a hum-drum event to something that is mentioned in years to come as the example to beat. Knowing what is going to enthrall the palate and the eyes is what makes our catering superior and worthy of gala status.

All that glitters is most definitely not gold and this is especially true with venues. Handling a gala correctly and especially in a city used to premier events, like Los Angeles, an event venue must have size, presence and availability. Getting all three in the budget you need, while balancing all the other details of your event is our special skill. We know the setting can break or make an event and we take great care to choose correctly.

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