Party Catering In Aliso Viejo

If you are looking for party catering in Aliso Viejo look no further than Shannon Events.

Party catering in Aliso Viejo was taken to new heights recently when we had the opportunity cater for some new clients and their “White Attire Party” at their home. Our catering and design team arrived in the late afternoon just as a recent rain cleared and a beautiful rainbow appeared over the house. That rainbow was a sign of great things to come as we transformed the home into a cool and hip party space that even P Diddy could be proud. of. Since the theme was white attire we chose some very cool lighted cube effects surrounding an all white dance floor along with a very futuristic lighted bar.


The music mix was provided by the Internationally known D.J. Backdraft who has played high profile venues throughout the world. He kept the party so energized that the host decided to keep us all working for an additional hour because everyone was enjoying themselves so much. We were happy to oblige.


The setting was cool, the music was cool, the guests were super cool and the food was HOT. The menu was a mix of tray passed appetizers and served buffet with the focus on fun and tasty cuisine that was easy to maneuver on a dance floor if someone desired.


  • Mini Chasen Burgers Served w/ carmelized onion & creamy Gorgonzola

  • Chicken Enchilada Lillipops Served w/ tomatillo tequilla lime dipping sauce

  • Argentinian Tasting Skewers Served w/ chorizo, olives, fire roasted pepper and manchego cheese

  • Veggie ChinoisDumplings Served with a dash of broth with a spicy orange sesame sauce

  • Sesame Soy Glazed Beef Skewers Served w/ balsamic teriyaki sauce

  • Pasa Bocas Grilled lime chicken, Grilled Corn, Queso Fresco and Chopped Cilantro w/ our West Texas sauce.

  • Zucchini Fritter Bon Bons Topped with creme fraiche and olive tapende

Taking care of the bar service we provided our Flare Mixology option which had the crowd entertained and liquefied throughout the evening. If you are not familiar with “Flare”, it is when the mixologist (bartender) entertains while making drinks by juggling , flipping bottles,and manipulating flaming liquors. It’s a great addition to any event.

Whenever we have the opportunity to do party catering in Aliso Viejo it is always a pleasure. The community is beautiful and the people are always so nice to work with.

Here is what our host at this party catering in Aliso Viejo had to say about our service.

Hi Shannon.

“The party was awesome! Everyone had so much fun. DJ Backdraft was absolutely fantastic! We had people wanting to dance all night-as you probably saw from the hour extension. The food was incredible and your flare bartender was amazing!

Michael and the whole crew were fabulous and truly professional. The whole place looked like new when they left! The evening was a huge hit and people are still talking about it. Again, thank you for your responsiveness and the professional job you did putting this event together and executing it so well.

Please consider me a candidate for a reference anytime you need it.”

R. Block Aliso Viejo, Ca.

We look forward to providing more party catering in Aliso Viejo and throughout all of Southern California at the highest level of service.

Happy New Year Everyone.