With decades of experience in the Events’ industry, Shannon Events ' team of professional Event Planners provide expertise in all areas of Event Planning. As a leader in the industry, we offer innovation and creativity for all types of events. Regardless of the type of party you envision, Shannon Events will expound on that vision, and bring it to life.

We offer gorgeous locations, scrumptious catering, top quality bar service, and cutting edge entertainment options. Our event design team is second-to-none and takes pride in coming up with fresh ideas to impress even the most frequent party goer who “has seen it all.”

When planning an event, nothing is left to chance and no detail is overlooked.

We will meet with you to discuss your goals and purpose for the event. We will ask you to share YOUR vision, as well as any specific considerations that must not be overlooked. From there, our event team will go to work.

Your event planner will meet the rest of our team and come up with the perfect design for your celebration. She will work with our Executive Chef to create an ideal menu. Every sense will be taken into account – taste, touch, smell, sound, visual presentation...the result we’re after? Magic.

And the event concept is just the beginning…

An inspired event requires creativity and innovation. Execution of the event requires thoroughness, management skills, and a keen attention to detail. Our team offers all these talents and more.

From the very first meeting, to the end of the party, we are there. We are there to hear your vision and bring that vision to life. We are there to take the stress off of you so that you can enjoy your party, as well as the planning process. We are there to manage the details to ensure a flawless execution.